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Magnetically attach vases to one another


The LusionBloom, the illusionary magnetic vase, is THE most intriguing vase ever! The LusionBloom makes use of a unique arrangement of ferrous materials and a neodymium magnet attached to the base of the vase to remain upright, even while leaning. Vases are magnetically attracted to a thin steel base plate that can be placed on top of a table or cleverly hidden under a table covering. Vases resist toppling due to wind, pets, or a rocking boat. They can even be magnetically stacked, creating innumerable multi-tier floral arrangements. Painted inside and out, the solid steel LusionBloom will provide a lifetime of beauty. You won't find the patent pending LusionBloom anywhere else!

Topple Resistant

Vases resist toppling due to wind, pets, and rocking boats


Magnetic forces allow the LusionBloom to remain upright while leaning, "defying" gravity


Steel vases are coated for a lifetime of beauty

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